Inspection of Government Vehicles

Procedure: Inspection of Govt. Vehicle for condemnation 

  •  Application (in triplicate)-
  • For the request of inspection of Govt. vehicle/(s) for condemnation.

  •  Addressed to the:-
  • Sr. Manager, 
    Delhi Transport Corporation, 
    Central Workshop-I Banda Bahadur Marg, 

  •  Along with the following details:

Registration No. of the vehicle/(s) -------- 
Total mileage (kilometers) / Period of operation (Hrs.) covered till date. -----------------------------------
Make of the Vehicle ------------------------
Model of the Vehicle -----------------------

S.No. Along with the FEES of
1. Motor Cycle/Two wheelers/Three wheelers 1000/-
2. Light Motor Vehicles fitted with Engine up to 20 H.P. ( RAC) 2500/-
3. Heavy Commercial Motor Vehicles 5000/-

Inspection of above fee per vehicle in cash or Cheque / Bank Draft in favour of ‘Delhi Transport Corporation’. (In case of Cheque the inspection is subject to the clearance of the Cheque).

  •  To & Fro transportation is to be arranged by the applicant for the inspection team from Central Workshop-I Banda Bahadur Marg.
  •  At the time of inspection the following documents are required:

Original Registration Certificate (R.C.) issued by the STA.
Authentic Record for mileage covered/ Period of operation (Hrs.).
Authentic Record for Repair & maintenance and the Expenditure involved. 

(The inspection for condemnation is carried out vides G.I., M.F., and Notification no. F. 1(18)-E-II (A)/96 dated 26th September, 1996, published as S.O.No.670 (E) in the Gazette of India, dated the 30th September, 1996)